Substandard of Indian Media

Before you jump to any conclusion I am not accusing whole media but most.
Out of zillions of Tv channels or newspapers you will only find one or two which can be trusted.
Feeding stupid news to the viewers or readers is what our media do everyday. And as loyal viewers we put our brain aside and watch these news like we watch many of those no brainer bollywood movies.
There were some cases that some channels did’t even bother about background check on the news, for the sack of TRPs they just go by their instinct.
I was shocked after seeing a video about the paid news culture in our Media industry, in that video a guy pays some money to a journalist to publish a fake news, and guess what the news was on frontage of that newspaper. Well we couldn’t stoop lower than this. See the video by yourself,

Favouring a political party, targeting a religion, hyping small incidents  these are the key factors sadly on which our media works.

India media has tendency to copy everything  from west, but problem is they are even not doing it properly, showing authentic news is what they forget to inherit from west.

And this affects our life, because we set our mindset on basis of what we see in news and read, so the better solution to stay out from this horrible cycle is avoid seeing these bogus channels. Be selective.

And Good news is not all are corrupt, some do believe in Authenticity of news, Newslaundry and few other.

Lets hope in future our media will care-less about TRPs and will be unbiased and authentic too.

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  1. KK

    The fundamental problem here is of demand. Markets for movies, news, sports, and even food are dependent on demand. That is why we have simplistic or repeated storylines, paid/page-3 news, IPL et. al. and junk food.

    Paid news is not directly related to demand, but I am sure if we as viewers demand more, the channels will have to improve their standards.

    • Arpit

      Yes, thats the whole point. If we dive further into deeper level we will realise that Viewers can control the quality of data shown by media, they just have to be selective. Just watch what is good fe. Satyamev Jayate comes on Star Tv, and thats good, rest programmes (most of them) are simply ignorable. So the point is if we demand good we get good, demand-supply mechanism also applies here.
      I am not saying here that we shouldn’t watch “SplitsVilla” and other entertainment programmes, let be honest our life is enough monotonous that we don’t want to keep ourself in blues whole time, we need elements like comedy, dumbness to keep us afloat.
      But not deviate from my point i would say Paid and Biased media are the blot on the Indian media and thats what we want to pluck out.
      But replicating same for print media could be hard, we have to come up with something else in this case like you suggested here :

    • KK

      You are right. Paid media is a very big problem. Economically, the only benefits the media should get should be from the viewers. When that does not happen, we only get to view what the big companies or big political parties want us to view.

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